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Download free sample chapters of Barbara Marx Hubbard's The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept.

From The MHP Team

Barbara Marx Hubbard

I have been blessed to know Barbara Marx Hubbard for nearly a decade now. Barbara has been mentor, teacher and friend to me over the years, and I feel so grateful that this brilliant, caring woman has been willing to play such a pivotal role in my spiritual evolution. I first met Barbara after I participated in a program called, “Gateway to Conscious Evolution,” a guided group-study program that offered the participants an empowered pathway to self-realization ... Read More...

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Midwest Book Review: The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation is "an impressive and unique contribution to Christian Metaphysics"
DECEMBER 15, 2015

Small Press Bookwatch has reviewed Barbara Marx Hubbard's latest book, available now from Muse Harbor Publishing: "An impressive and unique contribution to Christian Metaphysics, The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept is an informative, absorbing, and inherently fascinating read that is highly recommended..." | Read More...

Finding Your Voice (Part 2)
FEBRUARY 04, 2016

Rule #5: Shut up and let your characters tell their own stories. (And in doing so, you’ll discover your voice.) Crazy, right? It’s a little like channeling Elvis. As a fiction editor, I can discern—usually within a page or two—whether I’m listening to the writer speak or if I’m listening to the characters’ tell their own story. And I don’t want the writer’s version of what’s going down, I want the characters revealing themselves. You? You’re just the conduit. | Read More...