Real Simple Privacy Policy


Here at Muse Harbor Publishing, we’re committed to providing privacy while you’re on our site. If you give us personal information, we handle it according to this policy. Simply put: we don’t share your personal information. With anyone. Ever.


If you want to post reviews or be able to re-download e-books that you’ve purchased from us, you must create an account with a username and password. We maintain these accounts to provide you with access to your reviews and your stored e-book files. The OpenCart registration system also requires a valid email address, which it uses that to confirm your account. That e-mail address stays with us, and is never shared.


Personally and non-personally identifiable information:
Nope. We don’t share it, with anyone.

They’re tasty, and they’re also small text files that are stored on a your computer for record-keeping purposes. Muse Harbor Publishing uses cookies on this site to keep you logged in to your account, if you have one, and to remember the contents of your shopping cart if you leave the site and return later. If you set your browser to reject cookies, you can still use our site, but you’ll lose your shopping cart contents if you leave the site, and you won’t stay logged in to your account, either.


We don’t have any! But if we ever get some, we’ll make additions to this policy so that you’re informed about how they may affect your privacy.

OTHER SITES links to sites that are not owned or controlled by Muse Harbor Publishing. We have no idea what those people are up to, so just be aware that this privacy policy only applies to what goes on here, not over there.