Temporarily Closed

Thank You for Considering Muse Harbor Publishing
as a Potentially Safe Place for Your Written Words

Muse Harbor Publishing (hereafter, “MHP,” to save pixels) is an e-book and paperbook publishing collective currently located in Southern California. MHP was founded on the principle of writers helping writers. That means we offer our contracted writers professional editorial and marketing assistance, and work closely with our authors to help them maximize their potential and career longevity. We are, however, a rather small publishing endeavor and, at the moment, our quota cup runneth over. Once we’re again accepting submissions, by all means, give us a look! As a publishing company, we will never ask you for money. In fact, our royalty payouts are quite fair. Dare we say even exceptional! (BTW, If your publisher ever asks you for money for any reason whatsoever, run as fast you can in the other direction.) See, also: Yog’s Law.


  1. MHP only accepts complete manuscripts for publication. Please submit your manuscript as an e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word .DOC or .DOCX. Partial manuscripts or queries will not be accepted. You may include a CV or brief cover letter, although our only criteria is a marvelously written manuscript, because we don’t care nearly as much about where you’ve been as we do about where you’re going. Paper manuscripts, and digital media such as CD-ROMs, flash drives, and 8″ floppy disks are not accepted. We will, however, accept manuscripts on gold-plated LP records, because that’s just fantastic.
  2. Do not style your manuscript – book design is our job, not yours. Follow these manuscript formatting guidelines. The one exception is proportional fonts: we accept either Courier or Times, but use the same font throughout your manuscript.
  3. Do not use soft returns in your manuscript, and use proper indents – not double spaces.
  4. Include a one- to five-page synopsis of your manuscript. This is not required, but would be greatly appreciated.
  5. MHP accepts new works only. If you have previously published your manuscript or are currently self-publishing it (for example, the book is or was available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes), or if your books have previously been sold by another publisher, we cannot accept the manuscript. We will be happy to evaluate new works by previously published authors, but we do not republish previously published works.


We are interested in transformative nonfiction: global solutions to failing systems, general sustainability and individually sustainable lifestyles. We are also interested in evolutionary nonfiction: alternative economics, alternative energy, alternative spirituality, post-capitalist solutions, positive prognoses on humanity’s future. We’re also seeking philosophical works concerning human evolution. We’re interested in radical yet effective solutions to the challenges we all face in governance, management, education, self, and family, and in anything that might make this planet and its people happier and healthier.


We are looking for great stories in a number of genres. That means: literary fiction, science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, thrillers, noir, mysteries, dystopian, steampunk, comedies both dark and romantic, war (with a message), anti-war (with a message), and psychological thrillers. We are also interested in young adult, with an anticipatory brow canted towards serials or trilogies. Works of any genre that involve alternative sexuality and feature well-developed LGBT characters are most welcome. Finally, we’ll take a look at exceptional experimental fiction that does not involve scratch-and-sniff technology. Writers of bizarro fiction will probably want to give us a miss for now. But you never know.