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Free Fiction

Loving Anna

SCHOOL MUST BE OVER. I hear the front door slam mid-afternoon, followed by the stomp of footsteps as Anna seeks me out. Unfortunately, the odor of melting spray starch leaves me all too easy to find. Read More...

From The MHP Team

Emotional Triggers

FATIGUE, STRESS, CONFUSION, fear and anxiety too often serve as behavioral triggers, causing many of us to abandon our emotional centers and jettison our inner peacefulness out of the mistaken belief that we can “fix” our feelings by fixing our surroundings. The problem with that assessment...? Read More...

Flotsam & Jetsam

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Black Hole or Space Donut?
APRIL 23, 2019

Hilton Ratcliffe is Skeptical | Muse Harbor author Hilton Ratcliffe doesn’t shy away from controversy. In fact, the South African astrophysicist is quite certain that little of what we perceive about the cosmos is, in reality, reality. Discover Mr. Ratcliffe's fabulously heretical beliefs and decide for yourself. Are black holes real...or merely an illusion propagated by a foundering scientific principle? Read More...

First Drafts
MARCH 01, 2024

One's first draft isn't so much a solid entity as it is an amorphous, adaptive, multi-functional and cluttered embryonic mass that will one day give birth to a polished manuscript, ready for publication. That gestation process is part rough outline, part sketchpad, part journal, part cheat sheet, part receptacle and part dream-catcher for ideas both clever and foolish. (The foolish ones will be gradually replaced, of course, by bouts of brilliance.) Read More...