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Into Our World of Anxiety and Fear Come the Raindrops of Human Transformation

San Francisco, CA (April 20, 2017) –– A timely spiritual guide to surviving and thriving in today’s pervasive, gloomy atmosphere of alienation and fear, the new book, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World, lays out a path to life‐long self‐actualization, and reconnection through a shared consciousness. | Read More...

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Huge In East Texas
JULY 24, 2017

The East Texas Writers Guild awarded April, Maybe June Third Place in the Young Adult: Book Cover Award category! Congratulations to our own Dave Workman, and to Shalanna Collins. | Read More...

Dialog (Part 1)
SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

An Editor's Notebook for Aspiring Novelists For my money, few aspects of novel writing can captivate, motivate or emotionally move a reader as will dialog. IMHO, great dialog is more important than solid plot structure. More important than a mellifluous voice. Time and time again, as an editor, when I confront slow or unwieldy dialog, I feel my appreciation, my interest in a manuscript, begin to deflate like a puffer fish on a salad fork. Read More...