Connecting The Human Dots

To all of my international friends, who wonder what’s happening in the US and who worry for their beloveds living here: Please realize that we Americans are losing the blind faith of pride in our own “exceptionalism” that gets embedded in us at a very early age. We are taught that we had a “manifest destiny” to settle a savage land, which gave us permission to conquer, displace, and murder those (now by definition) savages who were here first.  

We our taught that our country is the guiding light for the Free World; that our system is peerless; that without us standing as a “shining city on a hill” to serve as a beacon of freedom to others, the pure, White light of freedom (and yes, that is meant to be ironic) might someday blink out forever.

We are not taught that blind faith without good works is dead. We are not taught that every living being carries within them an “exceptional” spark of the divine. We are not taught that NO destiny is manifest, and that how we achieve an end determines the quality of its long-term fruits. We are not taught that the so-called “savages” (cast as savages for whatever our personal gain) were human beings with complex lives, loves, hopes and dreams that we shattered in our quest to seize their space. We are not taught that the “beacon” of freedom burns bright in the heart of us ALL, and is not confined to a single, elitist White tower.  

Most especially, we are not taught that we live in an utterly interconnected living world that we cannot own and slice and dice for personal gain, and that the truest test of our love for life lies in how gratefully we radiate as fully self-realized, self-disciplined, self-actualized, self governing beings within this eternally shared field of living, infinitely creative awareness. 

We are learning what we have never before been taught—as individuals, and as a very juvenile nation. 

How it has been for us to marinate in this soup pot cannot be completely understood by those watching, or stirring, the pot. I sense I’ve been lucky in that regard; I got squished to the bottom and scorched as a child, but then I managed to float toward the top, where cooler energies presently prevail. But…even as I grow lighter day by day, I still remain IN the pot, to some degree, at this very moment. And many of my beloveds are struggling mightily to escape the scorching heat at the barrel’s bottom. (Climate change and global warming, indeed!) 

What we crave most now? A soothing, relaxing CHILL, but that may only come to relieve us after the final breakdown and reconfiguration of the formerly isolated bits of the living stew. 

What the fuck do I know? 

Only that I feel a powerful inner imperative to relax, let go of the compulsion to flounder and continue to struggle within the pot…and to relax and allow the transformative power of what I know seems possible to arise from WITHIN me and in-form something new from that awesome space.

— Eileen Workman
Author of Raindrops of Love For a Perfect World
and Sacred Economics (The Currency of Life)




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