About Our E-Books

Muse Harbor Publishing provides DRM-free e-book files in two formats: .MOBI and .EPUB. Every device or app on the market can read one or both of those formats.

If you’re used to buying your e-books directly from your e-reader, or from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes, you might be expecting your Muse Harbor e-books to just appear automagically. Unfortunately, MHP e-books don’t do that. We’re small and not very fancy.

Fortunately, all you really have to do is copy a file from your computer to your e-reader, or – if you’re using the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone – use iTunes to add the e-book file to the app. Click here for instructions.

If you’re unsure about which e-book format to use with your device, check out these handy E-book Format Comparison Tables.