We The People

Corporate Greed VS. The Little Guy (or Gal)

Commentary by
Eileen Workman

WE THE PEOPLE really need to become more activist around the ways private, capitalistic enterprises now control so many aspects of our lives without our informed consent. I’ve been talking for some time about the abusive tactics of social media companies, who drive us into states of manufactured outrage for the sake of inspiring greater internet engagement—only to sell our private data to other special interest groups behind our backs.

What’s rarely mentioned however are the three major private enterprise credit bureaus, whose ability to damage our financial future are rarely consentual. The system does not serve us; it only serves the private banking system in its quest to generate higher profits, courtesy of you and me.

An example: I was recently notified that my credit score declined by nearly 100 points. Shocked, I dug into the reason. As it turns out, a credit card issued by PayPal that was being managed by Synchrony Bank had been reported as being delinquent by more than 30 days. That puzzled me, because I have never knowingly used that card for anything. Nor had I received a bill from them requesting any payment, nor any other contact so far as I could tell.

I called the bank directly to inquire about this presumed “delinquency.” As it turned out, when I set up a Park Mobile app account in April to enable me to use the digital parking meters that abound here in downtown Santa Fe, I linked the app to my existing PayPal account, which was attached to my American Express card as the primary line of credit. However, when the request to link the app to PayPal went through, PayPal instead linked the parking app to my PayPal card, automatically. When I tested the app by parking at a public digital meter the following week,I incurred a whopping $4.20 charge that was billed to the PayPal card. Since then I’ve not had cause to use the app again.

Apparently, PayPal further decided not to send me a paper bill, but notified me by email sometime in May that this $4.20 charge was outstanding. Yet another decision that was made without my informed consent. And because I was injured and medicated heavily, and because my mind was rather less than sharp while I was in pain, all I can assume is that I must have deleted the message, thinking it was junk mail, without even bothering to open it. So…because I’d failed to promptly pay this paltry sum of $4.20, Synchrony chose to report it as a delinquency on my credit bureau records. That a misunderstanding over a bill under five bucks has the power to undermine my capacity to borrow money anywhere for the foreseeable future seems astonishing to me. And that none of the three major credit bureaus have algorithms that can protect us from such disproportional harms by excluding these low dollar, short term delinquencies also seems outrageous—at least to this mind.

After (finally!) securing a live person on the bank’s “customer service” line (who did not at ALL appreciate my plight, but who defended the bank’s position and chastised me for not being responsible enough to read all of my 200+ daily emails) I opted to make the payment in full, by phone. (It was now up to a whopping $12.40 due to the penalty charge and the interest they’d imposed.) I next chose to close out all three of my inactive lines of credit that Synchrony had extended to me via various retail businesses—which included cards issued by PayPal, Amazon, and Chevron.

Because I have no need at this time to borrow more money, it became an irritating and time-consuming inconvenience rather than a deeply problematic financial dunning. Thank heaven we’d already closed on our mortgage before this transaction occurred! However, these sorts of challenges DO have a powerful negative effect on people who are struggling and juggling and trying to navigate (in their “spare” time) the utter unreasonableness and cruel efficiency of these private lending and rating institutions. Not only have they shortened their billing cycles from one month to two weeks over the years, they have all but eliminated grace periods for the slower mail service issues we are now experiencing. If a bill arrives and is due in two weeks, and it doesn’t get paid right away because people are living paycheck to paycheck, they now impose stiff fines that make it even harder for those who are struggling to pay.

Why am I calling out Synchrony for special attention? Last year, I was still using an Amazon card issued by Synchrony as the default card attached to my Prime account. I paid the bill in full each month, using my online banking wire transfer system to settle the debt. Then, last November, I received a “late” notice from Synchrony on my Amazon account. I checked to make sure the wire transfer had left my bank—it had, and well on time. I then went online and checked my Synchrony account statement. It showed a credit in the amount of my bill had been posted appropriately and on time— it then, for some unfathomable and unexplained reason, that credit was reversed the following day. One would think such an obvious bank error would be simple to correct. It was NOT.

I phoned to patiently explain their error to them, but their default approach was to treat me like I was a criminal trying to scam them. They insisted they did not get paid (apparently their system is never wrong) and then demanded that I send “proof.” So I sent them a copy of my bank wiring instructions, and a copy of my statement showing that the exact amount of their bill had indeed left my account. That proof wasn’t good enough; I next had to go into my bank and have them research the transaction, verify the deduction, and copy for me a more detailed printout of their official records that proved I had paid.

Meanwhile, the errant disputed balance on my Amazon account was carrying over for several months—and boy, was their billing a mess during those months. They initially suspended the disputed balance when I first complained, but when they rejected my first attempt to prove they’d made an error they re-charged my account and added in back interest—not once, but twice. Finally, after they could no longer argue that my bank had indeed paid them on time some four months earlier, they credited me for the original amount due—but they never removed the recharge that they’d posted twice, in error.

Eventually the matter was resolved, and the outstanding errant card balance was zeroed out. I still have no idea how much excess interest I paid during those months on this nonexistent debt, because by then I had no more time to waste on correcting their errors. I did, however, unlink that card from my Amazon account and replace it with my Amex card instead. Let me add here that I did not even receive an apology for their initial or subsequent errors, nor did I receive any additional financial credit to compensate me for all the time, energy, and upset that their error caused ME.

So—if you’ve read this far, congrats! You now have some inkling about how this “one way street” of private enterprise financial predation works. If we sincerely err, or get confused, or (god forbid) become temporarily too ill to manage our bills efficiently for even a short time, we will be penalized severely for “being irresponsible.” Yet these corporations pay ZERO price for their own errors, shortcomings and “irresponsible” behaviors. It’s all on the consumer to fix our own mistakes—and theirs too. Late stage capitalism has clearly become an overly predatory beast in service to short-term profiteering. And it’s getting progressively worse out there—so unless we do something about it, we are in real and rising trouble as a people.

— Eileen Workman
Author of Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World
and Sacred Economics (The Currency of Life)




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Times Like These

During these challenging times, I’m maintaining focus on inner work. I continue to notice that when chaos surrounds me and getting my bearings externally doesn’t work (because our social maps fail), I can always establish an inner “attitudinal alignment” that enables me to center awareness deep within in my core, so that I might meet the apparent chaos from my internal place of greatest strength. 

My seven core be-attitudes? They happen to align beautifully with the seven chakra centers that Eastern philosophy notes as being the power centers within the human body. Beginning at the root chakra and ending at the crown, they are: trust, openness, courage, compassion, kindness, patience, and peacefulness. 

When I radiate these seven be-attitudes I find that I gain the highest degree of clarity about my surroundings as is possible under whatever circumstances have arisen. They keep ME clear. And while in that state, I am able to draw upon the aggregated wisdom of the cosmos, the inexhaustible power of love, and the innate gracefulness of the entire material world to support whatever needs to be accomplished. 
All I need to do is be willing to go within and realign myself to these base attitudes…right now. And since it’s always now, it’s on me to be always willing.

That’s my work. ❤️

— Eileen Workman
Author of Raindrops of Love For a Perfect World
and Sacred Economics (The Currency of Life)


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An MHP Holiday Message

As chaos erupts at the surface of things during this time of focus on the birth of Christ Consciousness, the dissolution and disarray of all social norms at superficial levels creates amazing opportunity for what nestles, seed-like and vulnerably opening, beneath the surface fractures in all of humanity’s systems.

Radical trust ignites the opening. like a seed pod opening and unfurling itself toward the sun. Seed pods of consciously-based radical trust are beginning to bloom everywhere at this time. Create your own pod or find a pod of individuals near you. Trust your intuition to guide you as to right timing and right locale. Know that what magnetizes you will not force you to remain in its orbit, but will draw you in naturally by how it manifests. Notice what magnetizes you, and what causes your heart to leap with joy, your mind to rest peacefully, and your body to relax and open wider to its own creative capacities and potential contributions.

Notice what makes your spirit SING…and do not settle for anything less at this auspicious time in the Great Internal Melting of human self-consciousness.  Decouple from any obsessive attachment to the thinking mind—not to undermine the power of thought, but to coordinate it more harmoniously with the brilliance of Spirit, with the loving heart, and with the graceful physical body.

Love all. Trust Self. Harm none.

Above all, be kind to yourselves at this time of great upheaval.

You ARE loved.

You ARE love, seeking the fullness and fulsomeness of its own expression.

— Eileen Workman, Author of
Raindrops of Love for a Thirsty World and
Sacred Economics, The Currency of Life

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Remembering Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to share that my dear friend and the “mother” of the human conscious evolution movement, Barbara Marx Hubbard, has departed from this material plane of existence. Godspeed to you, dearest Barbara…and may the love of all those who are grieving your loss lift your wings and carry you home.

Before she departed, Muse Harbor Publishing had the distinct honor and privilege of publishing The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation: The Promise Will Be Kept. Now, as I think back on all Barbara offered to the world through her many books and her entire life’s work, I am left to wonder…is the God that Barbara communed with keeping that promise?

The promise that Barbara Marx Hubbard foresaw—and what she shared throughout her long and illustrious life—refers to an emergent, unstoppable evolution in the nature and the focus of human consciousness. She talked often about how she was feeling a potent expansion of her own, ego-based perspective. She experienced within herself the emergence of this deeper, more powerful capacity for self-awareness and viewed it as the antidote to the challenges created by human self-consciousness. Barbara frequently experienced profound visions that involved all of humanity joyfully participating in a single, unified, living and self-aware system, containing a multitude of utterly precious human parts.

Barbara sensed that this rapid change in self-awareness was giving birth to a new humanity that would become more creative, intentional, and benevolent in its choices than has been homo sapiens. She even considered it to be creating a new species of human that she classified as homo universalis. Barbara realized that those who are presently undergoing this internal shift in consciousness were only beginning to learn and master their innate capacities, and she nurtured that process so that others would learn how to trust themselves to use their own gifts more gratefully, wisely and lovingly. Barbara further sensed that this new form of human beingness that is arising will soon inspire a secondary wave of more masterful human doingness. She therefore urged us all to join our geniuses as well as our genes, and to do our part so that humanity as a whole can overcome the many challenges we face.

The Barbara I knew inerrantly followed her heart’s inner compass of joy. Because she always focused on placing her grandest version of herself in loving, trusting service to her God—the Source of all life—Barbara lived an authentic life that was filled with joy, and purpose, and countless wonderful friends. She believed, quite strongly, that once any of us sets ourselves free to live our own authentic purpose, the loving abundance of the life force—which is our natural birthright—will be ours. That is the promise that Barbara believed God has made to humanity. And she made it clear before her death that this promise has been kept, and that the wave of change she once foresaw has already begun making its brilliant, flowing movement around this Earth. Of course, the global flood of greater awareness that Barbara Marx Hubbard predicted is not a material tempest of actual waters, but a tsunami-like wave of a powerful, unstoppable flow of good will, compassion, interconnectivity, and love for all that is, has been, and has yet to be.

Beloveds, as we collectively experience this massive, cresting wave of awareness moving toward us all like a brilliant flash of wondrous inner light, we need not be afraid of the power it carries. The light that rushes toward us now is no more fearsome than was the darkness out of which we now emerge. It will not swamp or destroy us with its radiance or its essence; rather, it will illuminate what we most need to see so that we can thrive in the joy of our shared aliveness.

Barbara knew this wave existed because she lived within it. Like a prophet of human consciousness, she proclaimed the coming of this great flood of higher awareness to all who were willing to listen: “Christ Consciousness is coming, so please open yourself and go meet it!” We have all been invited to open the inner floodgates that are holding back love’s healing energy, and to let it flow through us. Today, as we enter Easter’s Holy Week and humanity’s ancient stories of death and rebirth take shape in our collective consciousness, we will be well served to remind ourselves that Barbara’s most cherished vision was for each of us to hear the knock of Christ Consciousness at the inner door in our own hearts, and then rise to go meet it.

Eileen Workman,
Muse Harbor Publishing

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Into Our World of Anxiety and Fear Come the Raindrops of Human Transformation

Raindrops Of Love For A Thirsty WorldSan Francisco, CA (April 20, 2017) –– A timely spiritual guide to surviving and thriving in today’s pervasive, gloomy atmosphere of alienation and fear, the new book, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World, lays out a path to life‐long self‐actualization, and reconnection through a shared consciousness. The author, Eileen Workman, has summoned the profound wisdom of The Life Force in a series of loving messages. These communications come at an opportune time, as we drift in a sea of anxiety and worry, deeply shaken by recent political, economic and social crises, and starved for connection due to divisiveness.

A decade ago Workman experienced a startling spiritual awakening. Abandoning her high‐powered, highly‐paid role in the financial world, she opened up to a channeled gift of eloquent, soul‐stirring passages from what she calls LIFE –– “The Life Force” –– a field of energy and love that transformed her life and her relationship to humanity.

In four parts, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World encourages readers to undertake selfexamination in a way that encourages them to fall back in love with themselves and learn to practice healthy self‐discipline, self‐awareness and self‐love.

Part I ‐ Soft Love: The Wonder of Self‐Realization
Part II ‐ Tough Love: The Challenge of Self‐Discipline
Part III ‐ Self‐Love: The Responsibility of Self‐Actualization
Part IV – Life Love: The Freedom of Self‐Governance

As receivers of these compelling, wise messages from LIFE, readers are exhorted to manifest their greatest gifts in the world, which is exactly what the author decided to do when she changed the direction of her own life. This personal transformation and connection to the limitless love of LIFE is the key to a rewarding, meaningful life.

Encourage others to realize that your amazing ingenuity and imagination, when filtered through the perspective of life awareness, holds the power to generate awesome new creative potential . . . This is why I encourage you to trust the living process . . . For you live within a self‐organizing, self‐scaffolding field of living love that manifests as light.

Speaking directly into the heart and soul of each reader, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World enables them to wed their minds and hearts in a holy communion. That marriage enables us to move beyond the influence of collapsing social systems and political and economic hostilities. Through the clarity of our newly realized life purpose and enlightenment as received from the Raindrops of Love, we can transform ourselves and the world.

I know how confused you have felt . . . and how you’ve struggled to find your proper place in the world. I’ve watched you grow lost in the dramas of human society. In this precious now moment, you can reclaim your native tongue and commune with me in our mutual language, for the language of Life has been ever your birthright, Beloved.

About the Author

Eileen Workman spent sixteen years in the financial industry as First Vice President of Investments at a major Wall Street firm. After a profound spiritual awakening, she departed the high‐powered world of money and wrote Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life, which questions assumptions about the nature of capitalism. The book is about directing our attention toward the purposeful design of a more compassionate, cooperative, and abundantly flowing economic system from a spiritually‐driven perspective. “ . . . one of those rare individuals who not only talks the talk of the financial world because she worked in it, she also walks the walk of one who has made meaningful changes in her own life to reflect the ideals she believes in.” In her new title, Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World, Workman calls down the wisdom and the words of the Life Force, inviting us to embrace our fullest capacity as a species.

# # # #

Book Information
Title: Raindrops of Love For a Thirsty World
Pub Date: April 20, 2017
Author: LIFE, as shared with Eileen Workman
Publisher: Muse Harbor Publishing
List Price: $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-61264-207-9
Format: Quality Trade Paperback and Kindle
Distributor: Ingram
Information: www.warwickassociates.com
Subjects: Spirituality, Personal Growth
Rights: World


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