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APRIL, MAYBE JUNE. A YA Magical Mystery by Shalanna Collins (N)
ATHEIST (THE). Philosophical Self-Discovery by Mike Robinson (N)
AWAKENING INTO PERFECT PEACE. Self-guidance by Ralph Huber, Ph.D. (N)
EVERYTHING EVER AFTER. Essays by an American Dad by Michael Picarella (N)
EVOLUTIONARY TESTAMENT OF CO-CREATION (THE). Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard (N)
KEEPING THE PROMISE. (An Evolutionary Testament Companion Workbook) by Rev. Jerry Farrell and Carolyn Anderson (N)
LONG-TERM THINKING FOR A SHORT-SIGHTED WORLD. Practical Sustainability by Jim Brumm (N)
MOUNTAIN & THE VORTEX (AND OTHER TALES). 12 Dark Futures by Stephen T. Vessels. (F)
ON THE EDGE. Neo-Noir Crime by Dave Workman (F)
ON THE ROCKS. More Neo-Noir Crime by Dave Workman (F)
RAINDROPS OF LOVE FOR A THIRSTY WORLD. Essays on Love by Eileen Workman (N)
SACRED ECONOMICS. The Future of Wealth by Eileen Workman (N)
STEPHEN HAWKING SMOKED MY SOCKS. How Beliefs Contaminate our Opinions by Hilton Ratcliffe (N)
SURREALITY. (Coming Soon.) An Metaphysical Collection by Dave Workman
WORDS ON TORN PAPER: SPECIFICITY. A Photographic Self-Analysis by Ian Wood (A)