Inner peace in a traffic jam?

book6Popular Author/Speaker Dr. Ralph Huber Teaches Radio Morning Commuters 3 Easy Steps to Inner Peace
“Awakening Into Perfect Peace” author teaches how to be drama-free anywhere.

Santa Fe, New Mexico (PRWEB) September 16, 2013

Inner peace in a traffic jam? Absolutely, says Dr. Ralph Huber, author of the new book “Awakening Into Perfect Peace,” launching on International Day of Peace, Saturday, September 21, 2013 from Muse Harbor Publishing. Communications Expert and Author Dr. Ralph Huber is bringing to radio bite-size nuggets of his popular course on how to become free of personal drama, confusion and stress with a new platform of easy-to-use tips for listeners to follow, even if they’re behind the wheel.

Dr. Huber’s course teaches how to find freedom from life’s emotional roller coaster, and shares practical steps from his new book, “Awakening Into Perfect Peace: Reflections on Freedom from Suffering,” which is featured on

Dr. Huber asks, “Do you want to experience a life filled with confusion and drama by resisting life’s unfoldment, or do you want to experience a life of clarity and peace that comes from welcoming all of life – as it is?”

In these powerful life-lesson sound bites, listeners will discover:

  • A powerful 3-step process to move from suffering to peace
  • An access to peace through a grateful heart
  • How resistance to the ways life unfolds is a roadblock to perfect peace
  • How to embrace “what is” and enhance your relationships
  • How to Use His Successful “In a Clutch” Personal Mantra: ROAR


Dr. Huber says, “Turning my seminar and book exercises into radio tips helps me to reach people who may find themselves in common, stressful situations, such as traffic jams.”

Listeners of these life-transforming tips will “behind-the-wheel” calming exercises and empowering mantras to free themselves from psychological suffering, find resonance with their true peaceful nature, and avoid destructive temptations to argue with life “as life is”; even while they’re bumper-to-bumper.

Dr. Huber believes that inner peace is achieved through the path of least resistance, which may also make it the simplest path to take.

Amanda Creighton, executive producer of the film, “Within Reach” says, “Ralph Huber is one of the great minds and hearts of our times. ‘Awakening Into Perfect Peace’ serves as a fertile ground for self-actualization.”

Ralph Huber’s professional background includes educator, corporate trainer and vice-president of a New York based management consulting firm that offered services to major communication and retail industries. He is currently a member of Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico and serves as board president for the Unity Santa Fe. Ralph holds a Ph.D. from New York University’s Department of Communication Arts and Sciences. He has an affinity for Advaita, Zen and Christian Mysticism.

An engaging, inspirational speaker and a communication visionary, Dr. Huber can be reached for further Radio, TV, Print and Online interviews or event speaking engagements, by contacting Margaux (at) museharbor (dot) com. Friend Dr. Huber on Facebook, and visit Muse Harbor Publishing for more information on his upcoming book launch signing on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 11:45 a.m, at Unity Santa Fe, 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506. For information on Huber’s personal coaching and seminars, visit

Muse Harbor Publishing, based in Sea Ranch, CA, was founded in 2011 as an organization of “writers helping writers, in service to our readers.”


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