Awakening Into Perfect Peace


“Ralph Huber is one of the great minds and hearts of our time. Awakening Into Perfect Peace serves as fertile ground for self-actualization.”

Amanda Creighton
Executive Producer
Within Reach

Would it surprise you to learn our emotional distress is primarily self-inflicted? What would you give to be free of frustration and hurt? Awakening Into Perfect Peace explains how to bring an end to psychological suffering. Drawing on his expertise as a communications coach and his studies in nondual traditions, author Ralph Huber reveals that suffering occurs when we’re imagining we’re separate from life, or else telling ourselves a story that says life should be different than it is. Only when our hearts accept all of life can we experience the perfect peace that is our True Nature. In simple and compassionate language, Huber invites us to relax and release the hurtful beliefs that cause our suffering by showing us how to lovingly reconnect with life.

Paperback Edition

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