No Sharks In The Harbor

MHP_indicia_200pxPublishing can be a brutal business, mostly because it is a business, and the collision of creativity with commerce can leave writers bloodied and disillusioned. At Muse Harbor, our core principle is simple: money flows toward the writer. We do not take money from authors to publish their books. Ever.

This extends to all facets of our business: there is no earnout, so our authors start earning royalties from the very first copy they sell. We don’t charge authors money under the guise of “additional services,” like editing, book design, cover design, or a better marketing package. There are no “reading fees.” We don’t steer our authors towards agents who will then submit books to us and take a kickback when we accept the manuscript. We don’t assign copyright to ourselves, or pressure authors to buy their own books, or any of the other shady things that industry predators do to separate authors from their work, their money, their sanity, and their basic faith in humanity.

Plainly put: we do not exploit the writer.

Many new companies have sprung up in recent years that were created to cash in on the explosion of self-publishing by donning the trappings of a publishing house in order to sell services to authors. But they’re not publishers, they’re consultants. Their business model centers on the extraction of money from writers who have worked long and hard on their books and want to see them in print.

Muse Harbor Publishing’s business model is based upon the extraction of books from writers whom we want to see in print, and a fervent belief that in the midst of corporate consolidation, monopolization, and industry-wide upheaval, there’s still a place for a publisher that respects authors, loves books, and wants to make as many of them as it can.

Write On,

Muse Harbor Publishing


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Welcome To Muse Harbor

MHP_indicia_200pxThe Internet has changed the way we communicate. Words that once trickled across the world in days or weeks now flood it within minutes. That rushing tide has changed the nature of publishing, and it’s changing literature.

Muse Harbor Publishing is a part of that change. We strive to challenge the ordinary. To dismiss the mundane. We hope to transform, for those of you who write, how you’re read and who wants to read you. Our goal is to provide unknown writers of both nonfiction and fiction with opportunities that traditional publishing doesn’t offer. We’re committed to giving as many people as possible the chance to read your words and experience your vision. We want you not only to feel appreciated, but to know it.

We recognize that the pursuit of excellence is just that: a pursuit. Our primary motivation for publishing a book is not the number of copies it will sell, but how deeply its words resonate with us and how much potential we see within its author. We’re drawn to the power of a coherent mind and a fantastic soul, mesmerized by a unique voice, entranced by sharply articulated insights and masterfully written tales.

These are the same values that have enticed audiences since the telling of the first stories, and they often become lost within the modern business of literature. We want our authors to succeed, not merely for the sake of this company, but for themselves and for the benefit of their readers, whose trust and willingness to be transported by the power of language is the reason we’re here.

We’re bohemian technophiles who understand that bytes and pixels present an unprecedented opportunity to connect independent thinkers and storytellers with readers. We offer extraordinarily high revenues to writers, who, like us, are looking for no greater success than the chance to create and be supported while doing so. We’re also a family, with a small staff and a small but growing stable of writers, all determined to explore what it means to be a writer in the 21st century.

Above all else: we are writers helping writers, in service to our readers.

We consider Muse Harbor to be a place of sanctuary and tranquility. For those of you who write, check us out. For those of you who read, we offer a simple gift: productive, happy, prolific writers who have amazing stories to tell.



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