On The Edge


BOBBY LELAND felt himself drifting toward a peaceful sleep, his thoughts fading when the woman beside him said, “Here’s what I want, Bobby. Are you listening to me?” Her finger tickled a path across his chest, her breath a hot whisper against his ear. “I want you to kill my husband.”
…..They lake naked upon chamomile-scented satin sheets, in a room with a marble fireplace, French doors opening to  balcony that overlooked the distant Pacific. Because he and Erica had made a kind of full-throttled reckless love for the last forty-five minutes, Bobby felt mellow to his toes.
…..“Did you hear me?” she asked. “Bobby?”

— On The Edge
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Local San Diego teaching pro Bobby Leland gives tennis lessons to bored, rich housewives. But his idyllic reality takes a sudden spin toward the surreal when Erica—Bobby’s bored, rich and occasionally frivolous lover—offers him fifty thousand dollars to kill her husband, Elliot. An Erica has her reasons.

When Elliot’s secret life surfaces, people begin to die. The cops peg Bobby as a prime suspect and the feds want him as bait. Malicious influences are at play and Bobby feels the squeeze. Fleeing to Mexico may not be the brightest idea he’s ever had, but last chances and bright ideas seldom mix in Bobby’s world. Buena suerte, gringo tonto.

About the Author
Dave Workman lives in Northern California with his wife, author Eileen Workman—also an old dog and a nefarious cat. He spends his time writing, cycling, walking the dog and avoiding the cat. On The Edge is his second novel. His alt-reality collection Surreality is likewise COMING SOON. Like A California Dream, a novel about surviving Hollywood, is slated for publication in 2020.