iPad & iPhone

  1. If you’re using iBooks, this is easy: copy the .EPUB or .MOBI file onto your iPad using iTunes. The file will appear in your iPad library.
  2. If you’re using the Kindle app on your iPad, it’s not quite that easy. Blame Apple. What Apple wants you to do is use iBooks. Amazon would like you to buy books from them, and use the Kindle app. Apple and Amazon don’t get along, so you end up having to jump through some hoops. (See, also: DRM, why it’s lame.)
  3. The Kindle app will only read the .MOBI file. So attach that file to an e-mail, and send it to yourself on the iPad.
  4. Open the e-mail on your iPad, then tap and hold the attached file until the “Open in…” window appears.
  5. Tap Kindle app. The .MOBI file will open in the app, and you’re good to go and read.
  6. Kind of annoying, isn’t it? We’re sorry. It’s not our fault.