Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020—a year that seems cosmically designed to nurture and facilitate greater clarity in human consciousness. As this new year opens, many of us find ourselves navigating a period of both personal and global chaos that disrupts us spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. In short, our entire species now faces the consequences of a longstanding, compulsive fascination with attempting to forcibly control the flow and curate the content of the infinite stream of human information.

Long ago, our ancestors began to imagine that they could claim dominion over the entire universe by dissecting it and exposing its basic mechanics. Perhaps fear triggered by an unexpected global catastrophe triggered this impulse within us; who can say? Yet it seems that we have taken the pursuit of information as far as it can go and have reached its zenith, only to find that we follow a false god.

What has our pursuit of this false god taught us? That information is so easily corrupted, misinterpreted, restricted, confused, limited, and deceitfully provided that we simply cannot trust it to reveal for us the entire truth of anything at all. One by one, we are surrendering to the realization that we simply cannot use or manipulate data in ways that will allow us to control the rest of the universe for our own personal gratification or gain. At best, more information enables us to communicate better with the rest of reality, and to collaborate more consciously with life. Greater access to information does not grant us permission to assume dominion over life. Furthermore, we cannot even respond successfully if we rely solely on intellectual rationalism and objective materialism to justify our responses to reality.

If you believe at all in synchronicity, then the year 2020 suggests that we are rapidly approaching a tipping point of sorts in human consciousness. We approach the new omega point together, where clarity illuminates the darkness and clears the confusion that for so long has shrouded and stressed the human mind.

The Age of Information appears to be coming to a natural close as the structural limitations and intractable problems generated through relying solely upon information to guide our decisions are growing ever clearer to us all. The Age of Wisdom is rising, calling for an expansion of our awareness that still includes the use of information, while transcending its limitations by transforming its role in our decision-making process.

 We came to rely upon information because when we first developed the power of reason we fell in love with its contribution to us.

Understanding the world plays a useful role in the process of problem-solving.  Yet the thinking mind does not serve us best when it seeks to decide what we ought to be creating for ourselves. The mind’s proper role is to decide how best to achieve what our spirits want to bring forth, and not to decide what we need to manifest. Spirit initiates our best creative decisions based on all of life’s expressions at every level—sensory, emotional, rational and unseen. It invites our emotions to volunteer their feelings, our bodies to volunteer their reactions, and the entire world to participate in the choice of whatever comes next.

Clarity arises when we allow our personal field of awareness to expand beyond the limitations of our personal perspective by re-centering ourselves inclusively within an infinitely creative, eternally changing universe. It arises once we retrain ourselves to listen deeply and compassionately to the nonverbal cues that our bodies are constantly sending. It arises when we relax and allow ourselves to fully feel our feelings all the way through, no matter how uncomfortable they may become for a time, without discharging them aggressively or violently at others for “making” us feel them. It arises when we fall still enough to listen to the sublingual, whispering truths that flow beneath the highly excited, surface exchanges of our own beliefs and opinions.

Clarity arises when we fall mentally still, open our hearts, relax our bodies, and wait patiently for the aliveness of inspired insight to guide us, instead of relying only on the problem-solving brain to lead us through a difficult challenge. To put the brain in its proper place—to render it a congenial, co-equal branch of the body’s own regulatory system (instead of allowing it to imagine it can dictate the workings of our entire internal system) reveals to us where our structural social weaknesses also abide. As within, so without. Reason, untempered by compassion, condenses into cruelty for expediency’s sake. Punishment, lacking mercy, condenses into vengeance rather than justice. Action, lacking peaceful intentionality, condenses into selfishness rather than service. 

To realize this sets us ALL free from the limits of reason.  We come more fully alive when we align ourselves with life in trust, willingly, courageously, compassionately, kindly, patiently, and with peaceful intentionality. We become at last what we have ever been meant to become, and our consciousness flowers. The Earth looks forward to the full flowering of human consciousness. Having birthed us and having allowed us to eat from her body for many millennia, she now looks forward to watching us self-coordinate and discover what we can do once we know how we are.

I therefore wish all of you a more inspired, loving, wiser, and more graceful life experience this year.  May the clarity of 2020 vision light your way!

— Eileen Workman, Author of
Raindrops of Love for a Thirsty World and
Sacred Economics, The Currency of Life


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